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In 2019 Labeaute entered the European Market having set up facilities in London England, and trade as the European arm under Labeaute Europe.
Having set up distrubution chains and resellers througout the UK and Europe, Labeaute name and presence is ever expanding.

However Labeaute's story and history started long before ......!

Labeaute Industries & Labeaute Europe are part of Al Daiem Group, one of the most reputed and leading business group in U.A.E. Labeaute, represents a wide spectrum of multinational business operations in France, UK, Australia , Holland, Iran, Nigeria, Senegal so as to be a constituent in all arena of business activities like perfume & cosmetics manufacturing around the globe.

Al Daiem Perfumes Trading is a leading and prestigious house for perfumes, cosmetics and toiletry products in the U.A.E and the Middle East.

With the right choice of professional partners for its chosen product markets such as body care, skin care, hair care etc, Al Daiem Perfumes Trading has earned the privilege of being sole-selling distributors for reputed international companies, Having invested in a well-knit sales and merchandising team that covers all the major markets in the U.A.E and Middle East apart from a well-developed warehousing and logistics infrastructure, Al Daiem Perfumes Trading has set up a successful distribution chains in several countries.

The first facility Sillage perfumes & Cosmetics was set up in 2008 in Hamriya Free zone Sharjah, U.A.E. Commercial production of quality products soon commenced and with time the company has made significant investments in its facility for capacity enhancement and technology upgrades.

Labeaute was established in 2015 by Mrs Kulsoom with two major objectives in mind – to be part of industrialisation and growth of the country and good quality brands of Perfumes, Cosmetics, Toiletries and other personal care products at reasonable- affordable prices.


This was also the decade in which Labeaute broke into the luxury perfume sector with its debut fragrance, Premium Niche “N Secret Series” de Labeaute. From that time onward, it has continued to demonstrate its process in this field with each new perfume creation.

Pierre Vian has been Labeautes “nose” for over two years and has created some of the brand’s signature fragrances including “Duke of Edinburgh” and “Madallion” by Labeaute.

With a dynamic team of Perfumers, Sales, Distributors and Reseller chains set up globally, Labeaute continues to grow in an ever expanding market.

One thing that has been of the foremost importance to Labeaute was to offer very high quality fragrances that are affordable for everyone to enjoy, offering Niche Perfumes that are unrivalled in the 'Niche Market' on quality and affordability, as we at Labeaute strongly believes that Niche does not need to be expensive, thus setting ourselves apart from everyone.

Our slogan is “ Irresistible Sense of Passion........Admire Luxury"


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